Good Health-What Does It Mean To You?

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Good Health, what does it mean to you?

Does good mental health have anything to do with your physical well being?

There is one particular aspect of health that is not often discussed or paired together and that is physical and mental health. I believe they are not conditions that stand alone but each can affect the other. Mental health workers see this everyday as they see patients with a multitude of physical and mental issues. The mental health professional can then refer the patient to a medical doctor for further help. Unfortunately, very few outside the mental health field see the correlation.

Think about how you feel when you have a cold or the flu. Obviously you will have typical symptoms maybe a fever, runny nose and basically feel awful. What is the mental aspect of it? I know when I do not feel well I can, and have gotten irritable over small things but I think it has the potential to go deeper than that. I worry about my family and if they will now get sick. What about my job, what am I missing at work, what is not getting done and how my co-workers are affected by my absence. If I am not a salaried employee with sick leave will my days missed be unpaid, if so then how does that effect my paycheck and what impact will that have on my family? Ok so now I am depressed from worry and stress. The good thing is that we know the cold can be treated with over the counter medications so we know the illness will not last very long and in no time we are back to our old selves. Now think about this…

What if that cold or flu turned into a long term illness? How would that affect your mental health? Would or could it be long term. What if I can’t afford the medications and left untreated my cold became something else? Will I become depressed and if so how do I treat that? Why is depression more likely to happen when you have a physical illness?
• People become depressed and anxious when they are stressed for any reason and being ill is stressful.
• Some drug treatments can affect the way our brains work and can cause anxiety and depression.
• You are more likely to experience severe anxiety if you are in a lot of pain or have other stressors in your life.

So let’s remember when we talk about health that mental health is included and does not need to be thought of differently, good health is good health and should always include mind, body and soul!

by Debby Dover

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