Nurturing Parenting Program Reunifies a Family

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Her 4 year marriage ended with Ginger being jailed for Domestic Violence, a five year no-contact order against her and her husband petitioning the court for full custody of their 2 year old daughter. Jobless, homeless and living in her truck, for Ginger, life had never been so bleak or seemed so hopeless.

Seeking information and direction, any direction that might be helpful, a neighbor suggested that she enroll in a parenting class before the custody hearing. Ginger was full of anxiety when she called to register for the Nurturing Parenting program. It was early October when she spoke with the program coordinator and was told there were no available seats in the program until January, which to Ginger seemed an eternity. Frantic to be able to offer evidence to the court that she was willing to do whatever it would take to be able to see her daughter; she enrolled in the January class.

It is not uncommon during call backs of a fully registered Nurturing Parenting program, that at least one enrollee opts out. Incorrect phone numbers, schedule conflicts and life circumstances are some of the variables that may cause a full class to have an unexpected opening. And so it happened, that Ginger was able to get a place in the class that began in October.

During the course of her 10 weeks in the Nurturing Parenting program, Ginger obtained safe, affordable housing, employment and shared custody of her daughter. Mother and daughter graduated from the Nurturing Parenting program together. “What a blessing”, says Ginger, “Everything just started falling into place. I started with Nurturing Parenting and a hope. It was so helpful that Second Step Housing and Nurturing Parenting are so positively recognized.”

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