Second Step Housing’s Wisemoves Program Shows Success Helping Vancouver Women

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Second Step Housing’s HUD-funded transitional housing program (called WISEMOVES) provides intensive case management services to homeless, very low-income single women with children. We serve a high-risk population: 86% of our residents are in recovery from substance abuse, 53% of our residents suffer from mental illness and 42% of our residents are domestic violence survivors.

The results for July 2009-June 2010 are in for the WISEMOVES part of our program. Despite a very challenging year in terms of the economy, most of our single moms were successful in completing our program, finding meaningful employment and/or completing their education and moving their families into permanent housing.

88% of the single mother-headed families that moved out of our transitional housing program successfully moved into permanent housing. 100% of these families remained in permanent housing for at least one year. The remaining 12% of families did not successfully complete the transitional housing program, mostly due to relapse into substance abuse and the refusal to re-enter treatment.

100% of the single moms participating in our transitional housing program have an increased knowledge of life skills and community resources to assist them in gaining economic and social self-sufficiency.

38% of the single moms enrolled and participated in educational programs.

25% of the single moms gained volunteer positions.

100% of the single moms that wanted or required health and human services were connected and participated in those programs.

100% of the single moms developed an individualized action plan for reaching their goals of self-sufficiency.

50% of the single moms gained meaningful employment and 25 % increased their income by 50%.

100% of the single moms attained at least 50% of their action plan goals by the end of the 24-month period.

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