Second Step is Helping a 68-Year-Old Blind Businesswoman On Path to Homeownership

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“Rosie” was born March 2nd, 1942 in Fire Steel South Dakota. There were a total of nine children in her family and four of them were born blind, including Rosie. Her mom and dad did not treat them any different then the rest of the children as they also had chores to do around the farm. A favorite one for Rosie was bottle feeding the baby lambs. At age 6 years old Rosie went away to the School for the Blind. Her parents put her on a train and she traveled 200 miles to the school, only coming home on major holidays and summer breaks. She did this until she was 10 years old when the family moved to Washington State, where she once again, traveled by train to Vancouver and attended the School for the Blind.


Rosie has two grown children and lives independently in Vancouver, WA with a housing subsidy from the Vancouver Housing Authority. She has worked at various jobs in her life that range from Administration, Dark Room Technician to running her own Daycare facility. But mostly she was a stay at home mom taking care of her children. Until, with the help from Department for the Services to the Blind and Meredith Harden, Rosie is now the successful Sole Proprietor of The Last Frontier Deli located in the Clark County Courthouse. She has two wonderful employees, Jackie who is the cook and Jessica who is the Barista.

Rosie learned about the Family Self Sufficiency program through her eligibility specialist, Lou Kushman, and without hesitation signed up for services. Through this program Rosie is hopeful to earn an escrow account, from the Vancouver Housing Authority, with her ultimate goal of becoming a homeowner.

The Family Self Sufficiency is a program managed by Second Step Housing for The Vancouver Housing Authority. For information, Public Housing residents can call Mary Hopkins at 993-5301 ext. 126, Housing Choice Voucher/Section 8 residents can call Cydney Velez at 993-9577.

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