Meet a Step Into Fashion Makeover Winner: Jordan

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Last year during our first annual Step Into Fashion fundraiser, Second Step Housing selected two successful women from its program to receive makeovers for the event. This year, we not only have two women, we also have one man who wanted to have his outward appearance reflect the major changes in his life.

Meet Jordan. He is 30 years old and the father of two children.  Jordan works for a freight logistics company as part of the Step Deck and Heavy Freight team.

“I feel that Step into Fashion might give me a push in the right direction as far as my appearance . . . It will definitely boost one’s self-esteem from all the positive feedback and compliments one might get from friends and family . . . and even strangers.”

My case worker mentioned Vancouver Housing Authority to me and said they might be able to assist me with a voucher to help pay my rent. I was accepted. There I met Debbie Conway who had mentioned Second Step in a class I was attending. It sounded great so I opted into the program.  I am learning how to budget my money better and have an understanding of what success is. Success is achieving goals. My life has drastically changed with the help of many friends, family and acquaintances throughout these years. I have been clean and sober 3 years, I have full custody of both my kids, moved into my very first apartment at the age of 29, I have a career and most important I didn’t turn out to be the Dad I never had. Life is great. I am truly ‘Livin’ the dream baby, livin’ the dream’.

“I’m always on the go and trying to help people as often as the opportunity comes up. Following through builds the trust of other people in my life. I’m an honest person and I feel respect should be given and earned at the same time. Never demanded. Integrity is good to have as well. The more assets the better.”

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