STEPS to Economic and Personal Success

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Ten clients recently completed and graduated from the second STEPS to Success class! STEPS is focused on the advancement of the participant’s self-awareness in relation to career and employment goals and on fostering life-skills aimed at obtaining and retaining employment. Over a 9-week period, participants engage in intensive examination of their current behaviors, attitudes and motivations and work to turn negative behaviors into positive outcomes. Through the STEPS class, participants learn effective and practical tools that help them to understand their past internal motivations and move towards effective decision-making that leads them from dependency to self-sufficiency.

Read what participants have to say:

“This Program helps me to be aware of things I was never aware of before. This program is going to be in my life as long as I am alive; [it] is my future self. I plan to pass this info (pay it forward). Teri has been so fab she has been one of my main reason for coming back every week. I love this class.” – T.A.

“This STEPS course has been very valuable and uplifting for me. It allowed me to focus on myself and what I want of life, knowing that I can change my mind. I am still staying focused on my affirmation writing and have been aware and stepped out of my comfort zone. It is an everyday thing I work on. My facilitator is awesome and [it's] nice to see her changing also in her journey along with the class.” – A.C.

“I have learned so much through this program, life changing information. I will use the STEPS from this point on in my everyday life. This new information and the tools I’ve learned, I’m truly confident, has awakened an amazing woman who has been sleeping inside me. Since I’ve been applying STEPS to my life I have a strong hope and truly have been seeing a better future.” - A.R.

“I value the fact that it’s ok to change our minds, get out of our comfort zones I have been in my own comfort zones for a long time and it’s very hard to get out of those.  I value positive self-talk and remind myself every day to uplift myself and not let the negative get me down. Thank you all for the encouragement and acceptance. This class will carry on with me forever.” – M.P.

“First, I want to say thank you so much for investing money, time, and energy into my future. This program has changed my life extremely. I wish I could bring my family and friends and also hurting, struggling people to receive this knowledge. Wow! I am extremely grateful Teri, thank you for your support, guidance and time in this journey. You freakin Rock!” – A.S.

Participants will also take part in 3 weeks of employment focused activities and discussions from the same curriculum.

The STEPS to Success class is taught by Teri Owen, Group Educator Extraordinaire. To find out more about the STEPS class and other group education classes offered to clients at Second Step Housing, get in touch with Teri at

STEPS to Success is modeled after the nationally recognized curriculum developed and distributed by The Pacific Institute.

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