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Rent Well: Second Step Provides Support and Education for Renters Who Are Rebuilding Their Lives

§ April 2nd, 2012 § Filed under Housing, Programs § No Comments

For the past several years, everywhere you turned in the media, the story has been the same – the poor economy is impacting nearly everyone across the[......]

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Women Helping Women: Mentoring Program Allows Women to Give Back and Grow

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Martha Brett knows how to make something beautiful from almost nothing. As a domestic violence survivor, Martha left her home and her life to escape h[......]

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Students find financial freedom through Dave Ramsey course

§ October 26th, 2011 § Filed under Programs, Success Stories § No Comments

In October, 12 participants from Second Step Housing completed and graduated from the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Course within the organiz[......]

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Second Step Partners with Dreaming Zebra Foundation for Art Activities

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Denise Long the Art Educator guides families in dreaming about what home is, and what are the hopes for their future. The project encourages children to dream in a creative and positive experience for the families.[......]

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Felisha came to the Nurturing Parenting program, offered through Second Step Housing located in Vancouver, WA, hoping to get some help with her 3-year-old son.[......]

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Second Step’s Women Helping Women Celebrates the Holidays

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Second Step Housing’s Women Helping Women Mentoring Program in Vancouver, WA matches women in transitional housing with women volunteers from the comm[......]

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