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STEPS to Economic and Personal Success

§ November 26th, 2013 § Filed under Programs, Success Stories § Tagged , § No Comments

Ten clients recently completed and graduated from the second STEPS to Success class! STEPS is focused on the advancement of the participant’s self-awa[......]

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Run Like a Girl Gives Women a Step Toward Recovery

§ May 10th, 2012 § Filed under Events, Health, Programs, Success Stories § 1 Comment

In the parking lot of a local middle school, a handful of women stood in a semicircle peering into the back of a minivan. “What about this one,” said[......]

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Women Helping Women: Mentoring Program Allows Women to Give Back and Grow

§ March 24th, 2012 § Filed under Programs, Success Stories, Volunteers, Women Helping Women § No Comments

Martha Brett knows how to make something beautiful from almost nothing. As a domestic violence survivor, Martha left her home and her life to escape h[......]

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Second Step Case Manager Donates $10k to Help Save Program

§ February 24th, 2012 § Filed under Donors, Success Stories § 2 Comments

Valerie Norris

When Second Step Housing case manager Valerie Norris[......]

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Students find financial freedom through Dave Ramsey course

§ October 26th, 2011 § Filed under Programs, Success Stories § No Comments

In October, 12 participants from Second Step Housing completed and graduated from the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University Course within the organiz[......]

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§ February 19th, 2011 § Filed under Success Stories § Tagged , , , , , , , , , , § No Comments

“It took me 40 years to create this mess with my SS card, so almost 4 months to fix it wasn’t too bad. I’m so grateful for all the blessings I’ve received in recovery and I am just going to keep improving!!”[......]

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Second Step’s Former Success Client is Our New Accounting Specialist

§ December 7th, 2010 § Filed under Success Stories § No Comments

Georgia is one of Second Step’s success stories. She was able to recognize her life wasn’t going the way she had hoped, and hit a sharp turning point[......]

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Second Step is Helping a 68-Year-Old Blind Businesswoman On Path to Homeownership

§ November 17th, 2010 § Filed under Housing, Success Stories § Tagged , , , , § 1 Comment

Rosie learned about the Family Self Sufficiency program through her eligibility specialist, and without hesitation signed up for services.[......]

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Nurturing Parenting Program Reunifies a Family

§ October 11th, 2010 § Filed under Success Stories § Tagged , , , , § No Comments

During the course of 10 weeks in the Nurturing Parenting program, Ginger obtained safe, affordable housing, employment and shared custody of her daughter.[......]

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Second Step Helps One Man on Path to Independence

§ October 8th, 2010 § Filed under Success Stories § Tagged , , , , , , § No Comments

Second Step and our partners are helping John clean up health and credit issues, purchase a new home, and strengthen ties with his family.[......]

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